Learning, broadly defined, is central to Am Haskalah’s understanding of what it means to be Jewish. We strive to be a community of life long learners, engaged in Talmud Torah, the study of Jewish wisdom, through everything we do.

We appreciate that different people learn in different ways and we understand Jewish learning to encompass areas like Jewish cooking, literature, art and music, as well as more traditional areas of Jewish study including Tanach (Bible), Talmud (Oral Law), Midrash (Jewish interpretation), and Jewish history. At Am Haskalah we also value the many areas of learning – such as literature, law, science and other spiritual wisdom traditions – that our members bring with them into our Jewish study together.

Come learn with us!


“As you teach, you learn.” (Midrash Tehilim)

Religious and Hebrew Education for Youth

Congregation Am Haskalah fosters in our students a strong and joyful Reconstructionist Jewish identity, and prepares them to be comfortable, confident and active participants in the many communities, Jewish and other, they encounter.

In an exciting and engaging environment, our students obtain skills and understanding in Hebrew, religious literacy, life cycle events, as well as Jewish history, values, ethics and culture. Teachers craft age-appropriate lessons based on the individual child.


Continuing Education Program

Our rabbis offer continuing education classes on Zoom and in person (COVID allowing) once a month. Classes typically run 1-2 hours

Previous classes on Reconstructionism 101 and Other Topics are available on YouTube.

The Continuing Education Committee also coordinates a number of monthly programs and occasional speakers from inside and outside the congregation.

For more information or to register for upcoming events, email Liz at [email protected].


Bissel of Torah

Joy Scott shares a small dvar Torah each week in our newsletter and on our blog.

Bissel of Torah blog posts