Congregation Am Haskalah offers a creative, participatory approach to Judaism, blending tradition with innovation. We believe the past has a vote but not a veto.

For me, Am Haskalah is wonderfully diverse, creative and traditional — all at the same time.

-Gale Maleskey

Am Haskalah welcomes members from diverse life situations, backgrounds, political and religious perspectives. Each person brings to the community unique talents and needs. Individuals choose levels of involvement with which they feel comfortable.

I knew from my first service that this is where we belonged — that here was a group of Jews who cared deeply about their religion and about each other.

-Cary Oshins

Members of Am Haskalah are not mere observers, but have the opportunity to participate actively at the very center of Jewish communal life. Reconstructionism, based on the ideas of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, is for both intellectuals and mysticists. It accommodates for those who see Judaism as a religious community and those who view it as a community that goes beyond religion. Kaplan understood Judaism to be an “evolving religious civilization.”

It’s a gift to feel so connected to Jewish tradition and learning while at the same time be firmly committed to diversity.

-Jenni Levy


Meet some of us in our Youtube video, The Heart of Am Haskalah, and find out why we love this congregation!

Our services and activities are generally held at Congregation Brith Sholom, 1190 West Macada Road in Bethlehem, PA. Please check our updated calendar for the most accurate info.