Joy Scott

Joy has been a member of the Board of Am Haskalah for over 2 years.  She is the founder and former CEO of Scott-Levin, a publicly traded marketing/market research and consulting company serving the Pharmaceutical and Biotech senior executives. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics (Temple University), Masters Degree in Mathematics (University of Pennsylvania), and a Ph.D in Mathematics from Harvard University.

Scott Berman

Scott Berman is a current (and past) Co-President of Am Haskalah.  Scott abandoned organized Judaism in 1985 and wandered in the spiritual wilderness until he discovered Am Haskalah in 2005 (although there is hot debate about whether Am Haskalah constitutes “organized” religion).  His hobbies are sit down comedy (because of the wheelchair), making jokes at Board meetings, and cvetching. In his spare time he practices psychiatry.  He is the proud father of Rachel (interfaith and spiritual), Josh (ardent atheist), and Jordan (agnostic Reconstructionist) and happy they were able to grow up in the accepting and diverse Am Haskalah family.

Board Members:


Stephanie Barnett

Jane Levine

Wilma Brucker

Gale Maleskey

Ben Felzer

Michelle Star

Paula Tahler