The word Chesed means lovingkindness. Our Chesed committee  members provide acts of kindness to congregational members who are in need, such as visiting the sick, shopping or running errands for the homebound, and providing transportation to congregational events for those who do not drive. The committee also supports life-cycle events, such as shivas. Our committee has eight members, and we call on other congregants and refer to outside service agencies as needed.

The mission of this committee is to provide an organized channel though which the members of the congregation support each other during significant life events or extended illness.

We can provide help with:

  • Transportation to medical appointments, to visit a loved one in the hospital or in a home, to religious services,  etc.
  • Help with meals, respite care for caregivers, etc.
  • Social visits to just talk, lift spirits, read newspaper or book, etc.
  • Provide info about community services they may not know about
  • Other services requested that we are qualified and capable of delivering

Please contact our Student Rabbi at or our congregant Izzy Studzienko  at for help when needed.

Remember — no matter what kind of problem you may have — you are never alone …


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