Reconstructionists define Judaism as more than a religion. For us it is a civilization encompassing history, literature, art and music, land and language.

Our religious tradition is the reflection of our ancestors’ search for meaning, purpose and value. In our own search, we are egalitarian, participatory, and open to varying viewpoints.

Belonging to the Jewish people comes before behaving or believing; through our shared past and through our communal experience of worship, study and celebration, we affirm our sense of belonging.

We are respectful of traditional Jewish practice but also open to new interpretation and forms of religious expression; tradition has “a vote but not a veto.”

Our diverse views of God share an emphasis on godliness rather than the supernatural. We value that power in the universe which infuses all creation with a sense of transcendence and impels us to improve the world and ourselves.

We believe we are involved in the evolution of Judaism right now, and are responsible for shaping the spiritual and cultural legacy we will leave to future generations.

Perhaps you are a Reconstructionist — and just don’t know it.

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