A ‘BISSEL’ OF TORAH PARSHA: NASO (NUMBERS 4:21-7:89) By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant

This week’s Torah Parsha (NASO) begins with a continuation of last week’s Parsha (BAMIDBAR); completing the census of the Children of Israel, and assigning the intricate details of the tasks to be performed by each individual tribe, in the transporting of the Tabernacle. With 176 verses, NASO is both the longest portion of the Torah, […]

A ‘BISSEL OF TORAH PARSHA: METZORA (LEVITICUS 14:1-15:33) By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant

The essence of this week’s Torah Parsha (METZORA) pertains to ritual impurities. There are references to spiritual impurities within a home (detected by the appearance of dark colored patches on its walls); and, impurities engendered by nature of intimate relations between a husband and his wife. However, the predominant theme of Parsha (METZORA) concerns the […]