A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: PASSOVER

PASSOVER By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant When Passover coincides with Shabbat, we intercept our reading of Leviticus, and return to the portion of EXODUS, to repeat the miraculous story of how our ancestors escaped slavery in Egypt, and became a free nation. We reiterate the tenth and final plague, which God imposed on the […]

A Bissel of Torah: VAKIRA (LEVITICUS 1:1-5:26)

VAKIRA (LEVITICUS 1:1-5:26) By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant This week’s Torah Parsha (VAKIRA) is the first Parsha in the Book of Leviticus, known formally as ‘Torat Kohanim’ (instructions for the Priests) (1). The title for this Parsha defines the entire Book of Leviticus. We have just completed reading the thrilling and dramatic story of the […]

A ‘BISSEL’ OF TORAH: TETZAVEH (EXODUS 27:20-30:10) By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant

The primary theme of last week’s Torah Parsha (TERUMAH) was the building of the Mishken (Sanctuary). Each Israelite donated the gold; silver; copper; fabric; and, all of the other materials required to create a dwelling of splendor, where God would live ‘within its midst’. This week’s Torah Parsha (TETZAVEH), begins with God speaking to Moses: […]