By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant In last week’s Torah Parsha (MISHPATIM), Moses provided clarification of the Ten Commandments, given to the Israelites, by God, at Mount Sinai. Additionally, the Children of Israel learned the nature of numerous other laws, commandments, prohibitions; and, the consequences for disobedience. This week’s Torah Parsha (TERUMAH), begins with God’s […]

From Our Student Rabbi

This week’s parsha, Ki Tavo, opens with instructions on how to show gratitude upon entering the land of Israel, followed by a description of all the good which the Israelites can expect to receive in the land if they follow God’s instruction. This is immediately followed by the infamous aliyah of tochechah (rebuke): 53 straight verses […]

Am Haskalah Annual Congregational Meeting, June 4, 2017 Past Presidents Speech

RISA DORFMAN This past year has brought us forward in many phases. Our community has joined together to create a stronger, more unified bond, spiritually, religiously and in matters of individual or group assistance. We have forged forward in financial planning and restructuring our basic monthly routines, of course always keeping our Charter and founders’ plans in […]

Am Haskalah Shavuot Program

Finding Joy, Connection, and Inspiration in these Troubling Times: A Hebrew Chant and Writing Journey Sunday June 4, 2017   11:00AM-12:30PM Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein (our beloved Am Haskalah spiritual leader from 2002-2009 who now goes by her Hebrew name), has been studying Hebrew chant as a practice for spiritual transformation.  Malkah Binah will guide us […]

A ‘BISSEL’ OF TORAH PARSHA: BEHAR (LEVITICUS 25:1-26:2), BECHUKOTAI (LEVITICUS 26:3-27:34) By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah, Congregant

This week, we read a double Parshiot, from the Torah (BEHAR) and (BECHKOTAI), the finale of the Book of LEVUTICUS. The primary themes of Parsha (BEHAR) are laws and commandments, pertaining to freedom, equality, and charity with ‘dignity’. The Lord spoke to Moses and said: “Tell the Children of Israel, you may sow your field […]

Words of Torah from Student Rabbi Janine Jankovitz Pastor

This week we read in Exodus the Torah parsha Mishpatim. Mishpatim, the Hebrew word for “laws”, contains many laws addressing Hebrew slaves, homicide, assault, homicidal animals, theft, seduction, sorcery, and more. At the end of this parsha, Moses repeats the commandments to the people as laid out by Gd, and the people respond, “All the […]