A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: EKEV (DEUTERONOMY 7:12-11:25)

By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant In this week’s Parsha (EKEV), Moses continues his closing address to the Children of Israel, which he began in Parsha (DEVARIM), and expanded upon in last week’s Parsha (V’ETCHANAN). Moses clearly understands the risks for this new generation. They may not remember the miracles, which God had performed, to […]

A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: MATOT-MASSEI (NUMBERS 30:2-36:13)

By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant This week, we read a double Parshiot (MATOT-MASSEI), which consolidate to comprise the finale of the Book of NUMBERS. The contents of these Parshiot are remarkable for the discontinuity of the narrative; the paradoxical elements of God’s commandments; and, seemingly incoherent directives and laws. The first of the Parshiot […]

A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: PINCHAS (NUMBERS 25:10-30:1)

By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant Last week’s Torah Parsha (BALAK) was somewhat fanciful and surreal; although, ending in tragedy, when thousands of Israelites lost their lives, as a consequence of being lured into illicit relations with the Moabite women. Parsha (PINCHAS) transitions to more serious themes, which include not just a diverse set of […]

A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: CHUKAT (NUMBERS 19:1-22:1)

By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant This week, we read a double Parshiot (CHUKAT), followed by Parsha (BALAK). In an almost imperceptible yet seismic shift, each of these Parshiot leap several decades ahead of our most recent Torah reading; and, the narrative of each read like a riddle inside of a riddle. The Torah Parsha […]

A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: BALAK (NUMBERS 22:2-25:9)

By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant Parsha BALAK begins with the Israelites continuing their journey to Canaan. They have already defeated their enemies in many nations; and, have settled their next encampment on the border of Moab. Based on the victories the Israelites had achieved in other nations, Balak, the King of Moab was justified […]

Jane’s Kitchen: Baked Swiss Chard with Butter and Parmesan

Servings: 2   3 pounds Swiss chard, large green variety with thick stems is best salt and pepper 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 3/4 cup coarsely grated parmesan cheese  Trim any discolored ends from chard stems, then cut stems on an angle into pieces about 3 inches long. Cut the leaves crosswise into 2-inch strips. Preheat […]

A ‘Bissel’ of Torah: KORACH (NUMBERS 16:1-18:32)

By Joy Scott, Am Haskalah Congregant In last week’s Torah Parsha (SHELACH), twelve ‘spies’, after scouting the land of Canaan for forty days, returned with a blatantly exaggerated falsehood, pertaining to the strength and size of the inhabitants. With the exception of Joshua and Caleb, the other ten men rejected the assumption that the people […]